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Series 7 Exam Tips


Standardized Test-Taking Tips

Proper test-taking skills can help you avoid careless errors and insure a higher score. Follow the steps discussed below and increase your likelihood of success.

1: Read the question slowly, being sure to focus on the last sentence which will usually contain the actual question.

2: Read the choices carefully, keeping in mind that the answer is given and it is your task to recognize it.

3: Re-read the question while keeping the choices in mind. This will assist you in disregarding extraneous information.

4: First eliminate choices and the choose the answer that you believe is correct. If you are unsure between two choices, mark the question for review.

5: After completing the first half of the exam, return to those questions you marked for review. DO NOT change answers unless in re-reading the question you realized you had missed key information the first time.

Things to avoid:

Speed: If you read too fast, you will miss key words such as all, every, best, worst, least or most.

Lack of concentration: Being alert is the key to success. Be sure that you are well rested for your exam.

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